Brand Support

Our team is here to support you every step of the way from development to training to marketing to operations.

Franchisee Support

Learn more about the programs we have in place to support our Franchisees.

Here’s the Scoop

Comprehensive brand support is a taste of why entrepreneurs are considering Baskin-Robbins as their brand of choice.


Baskin-Robbins complements national marketing with local campaigns and integrates traditional marketing with new media for maximum impacts. The brand also offers Franchisees a comprehensive suite of promotional materials to use for local shop marketing efforts.


3 Week Training Program in Burbank, CA

  • Technical Training (live, in-store)
  • Instructor-Led Classroom Training
  • Online Learning Managment System
  • Mentoring and Skill Building 


Systems & Field Operations

Baskin-Robbins provides a comprehensive operating system designed to help build business along with a world-class training program that covers branding, business management and more. In addition, Franchisees have access to an experienced field support team.

In-Demand Products

Baskin-Robbins world-class culinary team expertly develops products to help keep guests coming back for more. The brand offers something for everyone: creative cones, unique cakes, specialty desserts, frozen beverages and take-home treats. The core of our business is built on over 70 years of ice cream flavor innovation, variety and fun!

Transaction Drivers

Flavor of the Month National Program

Ticket Drivers

Cakes for any occasion


Celebrating the 31st of the month

Franchisee Advisory System

Baskin-Robbins values Franchisees’ thoughts and opinions and has developed an advisory system to better enable Franchisees to share their feedback with us. There are three levels of this system:

District Advisory Council

Meets regularly throughout the year to discuss ideas or issues on a local level.

Regional Advisory Council

Made up of Franchisee leaders in a particular region, these individuals work together to discuss regional level questions and concerns.

Brand Advisory Council

Franchisee leaders from around the country work directly with brand leadership to provide feedback on national initiatives.