Baskin Robbins, the renowned dessert and ice cream franchise, features its name in brown text with a pink "31" creatively embedded into the "BR" initials.

Our Ice Cream Franchises Have Been Making Memories for Generations!

Search for ice cream franchise opportunities near me and chances are you’ll come up with your choice. But we can promise you, none will compare to a Baskin-Robbins ice cream franchise opportunity. We’re an iconic brand with a long history of putting smiles on faces, one creamy and delicious scoop at a time, and our reputation for excellence is without equal!

Our beloved brand that millions of consumers know today got its start over 75 years ago, in 1945, when ice cream enthusiast Irv Robbins left the military and opened his first ice cream shop in Glendale, California.

Shortly thereafter, his brother-in-law and fellow ice cream enthusiast Burt Baskin returned home from World War II and opened his own shop in Pasadena, California.

It didn’t take long before the two entrepreneurs combined their businesses into one unique chain of family-friendly ice cream restaurants. The two men flipped a coin to see whose name would get top billing. Baskin won, and just like that, the Baskin-Robbins brand was born.

Two scientists in lab coats and glasses examine petri dishes on a table, reminiscent of creating new flavors for a dessert franchise. One points to a dish while the other adjusts his glasses.


A vintage Baskin-Robbins storefront with a sign advertising 31 flavors and "ICE CREAM" in large letters. The building facade has a classic design with large windows and polka dot accents, perfectly capturing the essence of an iconic dessert franchise.
We opened the first Baskin-Robbins in Glendale, California


A woman in a pink uniform holds a cake tutorial poster in front of a display case with various cakes and desserts in an ice cream franchise shop.
Baskin-Robbins became one of the first food franchises


An assortment of dessert flavors in small ice cream cups, boasting a variety of colors and textures, is placed in a grid formation, reminiscent of a popular ice cream franchise.
We expanded our menu to include more than 1,000 fantastic flavors!

With something for everyone, Baskin-Robbins helps franchisees establish their businesses and helps make memories happen. Our menu is always evolving to meet the demands of our markets, and we’re excited to continue tickling the taste buds of new fans every day!

Baskin-Robbins is a Recognized Industry Leader

Today, Baskin-Robbins is part of Inspire Brands, the second-largest restaurant company in the US, allowing us to offer our franchisees superior support and unmatched purchasing power from the very start. We’ve grown to become the world’s largest chain of ice cream specialty restaurants, with more than 7,900 locations in 52 countries, and have been recognized by Entrepreneur Magazine as the #1 ice cream franchise opportunity for 2021!

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